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you're right breakfast I guess toast is an acceptable breakfast and in most cultural norms but if you can teach your clients to go right I don't have a meal unless I'm eating like a lean protein source that that changes things you know so getting habituated like like we automatically our don't even think about it - these new behavior changes and then emphasizing what to eat not what not to eat I think has been pretty valuable when I what I've interacted with instant keto people because it does feel like spontaneous weight-loss because it is just you're going about your day we're not necessarily counting calories or reducing things and another recent guest Lauren Conlon actually had a really good discussion with her about this but yeah there was a time when we would try to over some if I and probably even disrespect the realities of obesity by just simply saying it's an issue of calories in versus calories out and all you need to do is move more and eat less but again what is factually true and what has utility are not always coupled and I think that's a great example of something that's factually true but that's not useful advice you know or at least it's

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