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religious or ritual or anywhere or anywhere in between so this is the time when you can incorporate a lot of you know so a little bit there's so many scripts which one is that so go back to Sarah B because this was all about skincare mMmmm man okay so I think the important thing tonighthey welcome dxn code strike back to my channel today we were doing a slightly different makeup Monday I say that every time yeah so today we're going to do it get on ready with me I'm going to just take off this full day's worth of makeup that I've been wearing now for hours and just get ready for my evening and I want to walk you through the things that I have found in 2019 that have changed my skincare and I'm not even like I'm not over exaggerating that I walked into 2019 with the decent amount of acne going on I wish I had a before picture but I was really self-conscious about it so I never went on camera

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