Published 21-10-19


Krygen XL UK I had a permanent connection, like most of my peers, a few years before thirty. What does it mean? Krygen XL UK Internet is a tool for me, nothing more. I use it for specific purposes - work, shopping, contact with culture. I treat it a bit like a TV with an infinite number of channels or a huge bookstore. If a madman suddenly blew up all Krygen XL UK servers, my life would get a little worse, but it would change fundamentally. I would like to search for information in Krygen XL UK library. I would visit movie rentals and buy CDs, and I would print this column and send it to Krygen XL UK post office. For young people, Krygen XL UK network is a natural environment, a complete world, perhaps more important than Krygen XL UK "real" (by Krygen XL UK way - how do we know which one is real?). Krygen XL UK Internet they grew up with changed their thinking, it's hard to say - for good or for bad. Just transformed. To put it more clearly, they take Krygen XL UK network deadly seriously. I quite Krygen XL UK opposite. This is a key difference. And that's why we can't get along. As if we grew up on two different planets. Why, however, a similar change did not come into effect on Krygen XL UK occasion of Krygen XL UK spread of radio, television, video recorder? At first glance, these inventions seem equally important. Television cannot be watched from morning to evening. We go to work, school, pub and shopping. There is no TV there. Meanwhile, Krygen XL UK Internet is everywhere, it contains a radio, television, everything you want. It's as bright as Krygen XL UK sun. Krygen XL UK so-called young people of today have been captured and have no desire to escape. So we won't get along.

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