Published 16-09-19


got the the yellow runner which is single helm which is the Jolly exciting I'm not currently getting a name up there that is the flavor beans on on the yellow runner and then over here we've got the there's just a very scary man on that boat aye sir that's 106 which is the souls X there and they're looking they're looking good to go then you've got the salty sea dogs they're on on 105 104 that's Chris tricks they've performed kind of middling so far I'm expecting to see big things from them obviously pink ones go faster here is the the dragon bomb where we've got a tap dance going on on the ammo chest to kick the chests velofel south africa on the dockside hon I'll be right there shoot right there you go you're here right here there should be some cannon in here the closer cannonballs in that one and then in the one next to it maybe or have they been cleaner yep cannons and cannonball and ammo chests in the one next to that so those first three you can you can put the cannon on deck if you wish in fact it's probably probably line has tended to take the lead from the from the start line whereas almost on the far side here our pink friends the dragon

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