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DXN Code Strike more nitric oxide in the though that you have nitrates in your mouth that can actually from what I understand get converted in the salivary glands along with your oral bacteria in your mouth to allow you to create more nitric oxide so could you theoretically say that if you let's say you were like using mouthwash a lot killing all the bacteria in your mouth maybe you have poor bacteria profile you're not using probiotics etc could that potentially make a nitric oxide supplement less efficacious I was actually going to say that it's important to when you're taking a nitric oxide supplement make sure that you don't use mouthwash around the time that you take it because it salivary gland isn't important and saliva is important in the production of and conversion of nitrates to nitric oxide okay interesting what about if you were to take probiotics could that could that theoretically even increase the availability of nitric oxide as blood flow

DXN Code Strike Reviews the one you described with like citrulline and beet and what was the third component mirepoix which is a Brazilian root okay also Asian ginseng I won't get into those in just a second but you could you could take this and then at the same time do the sexual treatment like the Gaines wave you know again like I only do it once every one to two months but it sounds like even a better protocol would be like once a week and that's gonna vastly improve the benefits that you get from it exactly well I mean the thing is the inflammation kind of builds on itself and the vascular the concentration of vascular endothelial growth factor and the blood vessels that's why it's important to do it kind of in a sequential way as

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