Published 20-10-19

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days I couldn't stop thinking about what it might be so to get answers I rolled up my sleeves and went back now all of this was starting to make a lot of sense because when I reflected back on my 20 years of % of the men reported having more frequent erections plus in another dr. Weinberg study him and his team of researchers gave mirepoix to 100 men with low libido and as a result 65% of the men said they were having significantly more sex a surprising 55 percent reported having more sustained erections during sex and an impressive eighty-five percent had improved their overall libido now I was so fascinated by the indigenous brazilians who had used we're app llama for thousands of years to help them get hard that I started looking into other indigenous tribes in the region that might have similar ingredients sure enough my hunch was spot-on because it led me to another ingredient maca from Peru I was surprised to discover that locals have used maca root as a libido booster for thousands of years the indigenous tribes of Peru say it helps reverse impotence and can ramp up your sex drive when I investigated

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