Published 12-11-19

yefdu sabg

Location: Algeria
New York New York


being a completely other type so that's when I went ahead and I jumped on the keto bandwagon on my first round of keto I think I lost maybe like 20 30 pounds um I had a butt that time I was on keto for that one year I could stop working out completely completely and um yeah I just stopped completely working out and that was it because I had read that you didn't have to work out and I was working a lot and I just just not working out honestly it was like that whatever I don't care um I got I mean I was skinny skinny but I was like mmm I wasn't I had lost all the strength I had built so then I Keto Prime Diet went on Weight Watchers I had gained about 15 20 pounds on Weight Watchers and I kept regaining and losing that same 15 20 pounds it was ridiculous and then I this last so then last September I went back Aikido I lost the weight that I gained from Keith arm from Weight Watchers and I'm like you know sitting I'm sitting good

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