Published 05-09-19


Massive Male Plus Easy jealousy from the man For the fair sex, the slight jealousy shown by a man is a sure testimony of a man’s affection for her. But completely causeless crazy jealousy can significantly lower the status of a man, because it will be evidence that a man is unsure of himself. If a man wants the fair sex to feel the desire and desire for him, he must try to avoid all sorts of manifestations of malicious aggression towards imaginary rivals, otherwise from imaginary such rivals may well become real. Male tact Even the most free-thinking women perceive the manifestation of sexual incontinence on the part of men as a real threat to their own security. The fair sex completely mistrust insane "males" who do not understand at all that what they said "no" really means "no." Sense of humor in men Representatives need funny and witty men. And this desire is due to the subconscious understanding of the fact that only people with a sufficiently high status, who are completely sure of themselves, can feel relaxed and joke. But people with low status, usually very afraid to seem ridiculous to someone. Male voice Velvety, low, confident male voice of a woman is considered exceptionally attractive. But the reverse reaction they have, if a man's voice is nasal, squeaky or shrill. Sympathy from the man to the children The fair sex is ready very much forgive men if they show love for children. If a woman sees a man teasing her child, ready to answer the questions of this child without any irritation, then she will immediately begin to evaluate such a man as a potential father of her future children. If a man treats children with care, then he, on a subconscious level, is perceived by a woman as a caring person. A woman understands that she can rely on such a man. Glory and visibility of men The surest way to help win a woman is the fame and visibility of a man. Fame is the most tangible evidence of male status. If you still have not received a single Nobel Prize, then just try to become a person well known in fairly narrow circles.

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