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Primal Grow Pro always lit come out here with this fucking shit up night fix it up day yeah but hey if you want to give entitled mischief night so we went out there and we're walking around like peeing on people's doors and see what's up just to be sure like that Wow my man rings the doorbell and I'm thinking he's gonna ring the doorbell and run off he rings the doorbell and he starts peeing on the door the dude must have been right behind the door cuz he opened the door and but this was like somebody's house house right so he homey had a screen door and like the door so this dude is pissing and the piss is going through the screen into the deuce he's like yo what the fuck niggas all run off we run up to Tremont we stayin on Tremont the same dude that just piss on homies door grabs a VCR out of a pile of garbage and throws the shit out of 40 bus I was like alright what are we doing out here I was like this is fun like thinking back on is it a dump like I'm terrified I have terrified because I hate these little fucking kids are gonna do this shit I used to do it and I don't want no parts of home and like I was those little kids would be like yo push that lady on

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