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Arabian Afro Exotic Birds Farm is a hobby breeder program operated by Barbara Garland.  we currently have 16 breeder pair of parrots.
My breeding pairs consist of:
Hyacinth Macaws
Greenwing Macaws
Camelot Macaws
Catalina Macaws
Harlequin Macaws
Blue & Gold Macaw
Parrotlets (4 Breeder pair)
Congo African Greys (6 Breeder pair)
GreenCheek Conures (1 pair color mutation Cinnamon)
 Babies are raised in a home environment with pet birds and family dogs and are given personalized attention.  The two babies to the left are 4 month old Greenwings. Contact us for more information and photos.  /

4521 Elenco Building

  Send Message   Phone: 00237679993865

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