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The Kimbi Game Reserve is a safe heaven for over 250 different parrot birds species. Its became a resort and reserve for these birds since the rich bio-diversity and favorable climatic conditions of the Equatorial rain forest made it very conducive for the captive rearing of these parrots species especially the endangered species threaten from extinctions. Back at the Reserve we have captive rear parrots and wild parrot species which we tame, train, and handfed, thereby transforming these parrots into veritable pet companions as a proper means of their preservation. We do have the following parrot bird’s species available and ready for delivery directly from the reserve back in Kimbi:
African congo greys
Toco Toucans
Cross Breeds Parrots
We remain open to inquiries and offer for these birds since we seek to establish these parrots with potential farms and families as a sustainable means of their preservation from extinctions. Contact the Reserve for availability.     /

4521 B.P Boyo

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