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Published 22-08-17

BalaJi Microtechnologies

Location: Faridabad District
D-2/20, Sector-10,DLF Faridabad Haryana


BalaJi MicroTechnologies (BMT) is india's No.1 Manufacturer of high speed line scan camera as commercial products. The company designs, develops & manufacture wide range of Analog Line Scan Cameras standard & Digital Line Scan Cameras. With strong in-house R&D & design efforts, we are happy to introduce wide range of line scan cameras which produces high quality images. Our cameras are actively implemented in variety of applications like Fast moving and High speed inspections like Food/multigrain colour sorting machine, paper,web inspections, ceramic tiles, wood, print inspections & other vision based sorting applications etc. For More Information Plz Visit Our Corporate Web Page :- Plz also visit on our Regional Website : "BMT" is brand name of BalaJi MicroTechnologies (BMT), India Email Us :- OR call Us +911294006203 +911296561300 +919643047670 whatapp(For Product Enquiry)   :-  +919643047670 Skype ID(For Product Enquiry) :- bmt.overseas machine vision, Machine vision lens, Machine vision lenses, Machine vision camera, line scan camera, f mount lens, f mount lenses, line scan cameras, BMT, board camera lens, m12 mount lens, colour sorter, color sorter, colour sorter machine, image sensor, ccd image sensor, CCTV lens, 50 mm f mount lens, 35 mm f mount lens, ccd camera, camera lenses, BMT Lens, BMT Lenses.

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