Meniscus Tears

Meniscus Tears
Published 02-05-19


It is very important for anyone who suspects they may have injured their Pain Absolve-RX knee ACL that they immediately Rest, Ice, Compress, Support and get a diagnosis from a knee specialist, sports physician, or physiotherapist as soon as possible.In all cases the patient needs to see a physiotherapist for strapping and bracing support, restore range of motion strength and stability. This is vital to optimise recovery, prevent recurrence and assist in preventing post-traumatic arthritis.In the case of knee ACL rupture, patients need to see a knee specialist orthopaedic surgeon. Most patients will benefit from surgical reconstruction of the ACL, using a hamstring or patella tendon graft. There is a lengthy post-operative rehabilitation process of at least six months of guided physiotherapy home and gym-based rehabilitation.All ACL injury patients should go through a guided rehabilitation regime and use braces and strapping to stabilise their joint, especially in the early stages to prevent arthritis later on. Instability of the joint, causes excessive movement, accelerated cartilage wearing and can lead to arthritis. Those with knee ACL injuries who have developed arthritis, aching joint pain, morning stiffness, pain in cold weather, or feel older than they should seek more help for their joint pain.

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