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Whey protein shakes and protein supplements can help you build Native Path Collagen Protein more muscle as it aids in the recovery process after an intense muscle building workout with weights. After a heavy strength training workout, your muscles are screaming for protein and other nutritions. It needs to repair the damage done so it can grow stronger, bigger, and tougher than before. The solution is to provide those muscles with the fuel for recovery. The good Carbohydrate, compared to bad, cause only a moderate rise in blood level Glucose. These include full grain, brown rice, pulse like lentils dry beans, most fruits (best to eat them first on an empty stomach) and most vegetables, especially if they are rich fibers, such as garlic, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce green beans.Other foods, which generate relatively low response Glycemic, include white dried pasta, barley, and bread wheat groats full grain. There is affinity between the integration of these foods on a diet Glucose decrease in blood insulin cheat fat (World Rev Nutr Diet, 1990; 62 12085).

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