Effects of Stress

Effects of Stress
Published 15-11-19


Good stress can be a motivator. Knowing that you have an Advanced Adaptogen Complex obligation to address and a timeframe. That type of stressor puts you into action in order to meet a deadline. Or you might be in an unexpected situation where you need to make a split second response in order to avoid danger. This could be slamming your foot on the brake to avoid an accident. Anticipation of a competition or performance will cause tension and nervousness prior to the event. This nervousness is due to an increased flow of adrenaline going through your body. Your body is preparing for the "fight or flight" syndrome. The release of adrenaline prepares your body to take the steps to deal with the situation, including improved focus, strength, stamina and heightened alertness.https://whatpeopleswant.com/advanced-adaptogen-complex-review/

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