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The problem is that our body tries to control the level of sugar in our blood with a chemical called insulin. It is made Fat Burning Kitchen in the pancreas. If we over work the pancreas it will malfunction giving us the wrong level of insulin and allowing the wrong amount of sugar to get into our blood. Too much sugar in your blood can damage all the organs in your body. If we have extra sugar in our body it gets stored as fat. That fat is meant to be extra energy if we need it in the future. Unfortunately most of us never need that extra energy.

So we just keep storing it. That is why exercise helps reduce fat because we use that extra energy when we exercise. But all the exercise in the world won't help if you bring in more sugar then you can burn. Even if we reduce artificially sweetened foods and drinks we still get sugars from certain foods. That is why a healthy diet is also important. But how do we know if we have high blood sugar? Well, you get very thirsty, you feel tired, you feel weak, you start to pee a lot, your vision can go blurry, and you find yourself getting a lot of infections.

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