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By the same token, choosing to lose weight by extreme diets, or, NatureThin for that matter, by extreme exercise programs, can actually create poor health rather than improving it.The human body is designed to operate at peak when the factors which affect it are kept within a range of values. Moving outside of those ranges can produce ill-health. By the same token, keeping all factors at a minimal level, for example, not getting "enough" exercise, or not ingesting proper quantities of the "right" foods or nutrients can also negatively affect one's health.

Extremes of exercise or diet may be a good choice for the professional athlete. For the rest of us, choosing to perform moderate exercise regularly and make rational choices of foods, both in kind and quantity, is going to, first of all, produce a condition of health, or at least better health than without those choices. Generally, producing a better state of health will produce either a better overall bodyweight or at least one made of leaner mass than previously. Once that is accomplished the diet and activity can be modified to produce weight loss.
Your bad eating habits are not only the reason for your weight gain, but for your lack of progress if you're trying to lose weight. If you're ready to lose weight, then it is necessary that you change your eating habits.

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