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Advanced American Accent Training designed for Software and Networking Professionals and taught by
Senior Indian Coach with Experience  of over 25 years.
All online sessions  are Expert Teacher led face to face lessons in virtual class room. Sign Up for Free Online Demo.
Workplace specific language training content.
Customised Online Course Content  for Indian Origin Professionals anywhere in the world.
Methodology designed to impact and overcome Individual accent problems.
Recorded Training Sessions evaluate everyday progress.
Unique Speech Delivery mechanisms for better quality of English
Duration: Basic package 30 Sessions. Duration 60 minutes. For Advanced Mentoring programs reach out to Coach Beejay
Sign Up for Free Online Demo. Keep Learning. Keep growing with Experts who have taught many professionals with Indian origin

Register now on  to find out how to reach your full potential. Call Direct 09704674382 or 07382547295 04027196153 or Skype: beejays.english  
BeeJays English Online Academy

Raheja Mindspace, Hyderabad

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