Instrumentation Design Engineering & Control Logic Programming

Published 13-10-15


Instrumentation Design Engineering & Control Logic Programming

Instrumentation Design, Control System Automation Engineering has been introduced to provide in-depth training on both design & automation engineering, helps knowledge to young engineers seeking a career path as Instrumentation or Electronic & Communication Engineering, with competency to face the Industrial challenges & to be prepared to provide solutions within stipulated time & with utmost precision.
Indian Process Industries has been seen as Engineering epicenter of the process industries from the past few decades as our Indian Engineers are performing the task with utmost efficiently & within due time. They are always known for their hard work & commitment. It has been observed that there is a huge time lag in getting the required candidates for time-oriented services. The needs for professionals are increasing day by day & H.R. department is always put into scanner for fulfilling the needs with short time.

Training Programmes offered for Instrumentation / Industrial Production Engineers
MGT-171: P.G.D in Instrumentation Design Engineering
(Focus: Complete Plant design with P&ID development)
Duration: Regular: 70 Hrs, Weekend: 70 Hrs, Distance: 45 Hrs, Online: 45 Hrs, Fast Track: 60 Hrs

MGT-172: P.G.D in Instrumentation Control Automation Engineering
(Focus: Application Engineering on Design to PLC/DCS/SCADA)
Duration: Regular: 70 Hrs, Weekend: 70 Hrs, Distance: 45 Hrs, Online: 45 Hrs, Fast Track: 60 Hrs

MGT-173: P.G.D in Instrumentation Design Engineering & Control Logic Programming (Focus: Complete Plant design with P&ID development with application Engineering) Duration: Regular: 100 Hrs, Weekend: 100 Hrs, Distance: 60 Hrs, Online: 60 Hrs, Fast Track: 60 Hrs
Eligibility Criteria:

A) Instrumentation Engineers, Electronic & Communication Engineers
B) Diploma in Instrumentation with minimum one year experience

Opportunity to work on Magnus Live Projects
A Candidate will be eligible, if he scores more than 75% in Magnus Final Examination

Training Programme Contents:
 Course Content Module - I :

· Introduction of critical Process Industries & Plant Instrumentations
· Role & Responsibilities of Instrument & Electronic & Communication Engineers
· Application, Selection, Installation, erection, commissioning & Calibration
· Temperature Instruments, Pressure Instruments, Level Instruments
· Flow Instruments, Instrumentation Legends & Symbols
· Concept evaluation using Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
· Plot Plan & Equipment Layout
· Development of Process & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) in coordination with Process Engineers
· Drafting of P&ID using AutoCAD & Overview of In tools

 Course Content Module - II :

· Development of Process & Instrumentation Diagram (P&I.D.)
· Instrument Location Plan Development, Instrument Plot Plan Development
· Equipment Lay out Design, PDS Modeling & PDS System
· Instrument Index depending on Application
· Development of Instrument Spec Sheet & I/O list Development
· Selection of D.C.S./PLC/SCADA
· J.B. Selection & J.B. Wiring, J.B. Block Diagram & J.B. Interconnection Diagram
· Loop Wiring Diagram, D.C.S.Wiring Diagram
· Preparation of Control Room Lay out
· UPS & Elect Interfacing, Telecom/F&G system/P.A-.G.A System (optional)
· Control Logics, Cause & Effect Document preparation
· Preparation of Control Narratives
· 3D Modeling & Drafting of Instruments (AutoCAD)
· F&G Systems / P.A. Systems / G.A. System
Teaching Faculties:

Training programmes are monitored & led by Magnus Engineering Team. Further industrial exports will be sharing the real time challenges and emphasis given on systematic approach with strong engineering backup.

Advantages of joining Magnus:

A) Worldwide Recognition: The training programmes offered my MGTE is mainly focused on different International Codes & Standards. This will help our candidates to get career opportunities across the Globe. Further our recommendations letter after completion of industrial training will increase the credibility of candidates.

B) Industrial Project Exposure: Magnus Engineering Team will be providing Industrial projects to candidates for those who scores more than 7.5 GPA in Final exams of MGTE Training. Further candidates will be issued a recommendation letter from Magnus Group.

C) Internships Opportunities: Magnus Group has established good relationship with various ndustries and candidates will have chance to get Internships either in our Tied-up companies or in Magnus Engineering Division.

D) Job opportunities through Magnus Certified Candidates will have first right for all the information related to New Job Openings. Further our candidates profile will be highlighted to Employers of MCJ.

E) Industrial Visits: We believe in proper industrial visits are essential for our candidates, as this will give better idea and candidates can be a better designers. All the candidates are eligible for industrial visits along with certificate.

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