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Iqra E Quran School Online
Iqra e Quran teaching school is the best academy for Quran reading online and Quran learning courses, our teachers provide one to one online Quran classes. The Classes which enables you to learn to read Holy Quran with tajweed rules. Iqra e Quran School is offering online Quran recitation, memorization, translation and tafseer.
Iqra E Quran School knows that lots of people is busy in full time work, studies and family, they cannot find time to learn Quran and Islamic Studies in any Islamic center so we provide the best online Iqra E Quran School where you and your family can learn the Holy Quran and all Islamic knowledge. Especially children facing difficulties they cannot achieve proper Quran classes so Iqra E Quran School Provide them best learning place online. Majority of Muslim do not know how to recite Holy Quran Correctly with tajweed. Therefore with the consideration of all factors Iqra E Quran School established with basic aim to solve the problems of Muslim and serve online one to one live Quran Classes to the all Muslim Community in all over the World. Iqra E Quran Online School helps you to learn Quran online at a time most suited to you at an affordable fee. Our Teaching method is very successful and our all students are very pleased with our service. Therefore we offer all Muslim 3 days free trial classes.
Learning Quran with Tajweed
With spread of Islam it is very necessary to learn Quran with the Correct Tajweed. Arab and non Arab were mixed together but they had much difference in their languages. Most of Arabs cannot read the Holy Quran with correct tajweed. At that time it was feared that without tajweed, if original spoken words of the Holy Prophet are not preserved, it might lead to distortion of pronunciation in the days to come. Therefore it was necessary that tajweed rules should be scientifically outlined on correct basis for the Arabs and Non Arabs for reciting the same wording, sounds, accent, pronunciation and meanings. Therefore it is necessary for all Muslim to learn Tajweed and apply Tajweed rules while Reading the Holy Quran.

Why Should I Learn Quran? Why Choose Iqra E Quran Online School
There are no registration fees.
Free trial classes are given.
Small Monthly fees with no long term contract.
One to one live Quran classes.
Teachers teach Quran Online only a single student at a time.
Complete 100% attention is given to single student.

Class timings will be given on your demand.
Students can learn Quran easily on their own decided time.
There will be proper timing for each and every students learning.
Highly Qualified teachers are available.
You can ask every Islamic issues form our Teachers.
Teachers are already trained before we allotting them students.
Teachers will help you to learn Quran with the proper accent.
Teachers will give lesson with proper tajweed rules.

Iqra E Quran Online School Courses
Basic Noorani Qaida
Quran with Tajweed
Memorization of Quran
Quran Translation
Islamic Studies
Online ijazah
Learn Arabic Online

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