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Published 19-04-15


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One session has impacted careers. Great results from American Accent Training for Indian Software Engineers. Project Managers and Mid Level Executives have made Beejay’s Live Skype American Accent Training a huge success. Learn to Project the nicest sounds of the English Language through voice and create positive personality image in the listeners mind. BeeJay’s English Academy presents a very senior trainer-mentor with US exposure and 25 years of experience, to improve your career prospects.
ONLINE Voice & American Accent Training Course Content
Origin Position Shape of alphabets at the time of delivery.
 Phonetics (Reduced Vowels, PBM, R and T D L S Z
Pronunciation Rules & Conventions ) to minimize MTI
Vowels & Consonants plus Contractions and Sibilant Sounds
 Empathy and Transition Phrases
 Role Play Exercises
Duration: 30 Sessions. Each web based e-Learning session is 60 minutes. Session recordings available so you  can listen to your own progress, evaluate how you sound, make necessary course corrections beyond the program.  Keep practicing long after the Online Sessions are over.
Register now on  to find out how to reach your full potential. Call Direct 09704674382 or 07382547295 04027196153 or Skype: beejays.english  
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