A True Story About Cervical Cancer

A True Story About Cervical Cancer
Published 25-05-19


Yeast infections are bothersome, annoying, and can get a bit Vollure uncomfortable, but are something that just about every woman will have to deal with at some point. While prevention is generally the best practice, there are numerous solutions for overcoming the problem and many involve simple "home remedies" that require little time and effort, while maintaining privacy. Although it is generally advised to stick to more "natural" cures and remedies, we'll look at one of the more popular pharmaceutical solutions in addition to some of the popular natural methods.

Garlic: Not just effective at warding off characters from a Twilight movie, garlic has proven to be very effective at fighting yeast infections. The reason why garlic is number one on this list is because it is effective both when it is applied as well as it is taken orally. In terms of application a garlic pill can be inserted to the ailed region of the vagina sporadically over a few hours will provide the same relief that a diced garlic clove has if inserted in the same manner. Not only will symptoms be relieved, but within a few days, the infection itself should begin to dissipate. Garlic pills and cloves can also be consumed it is recommend that something be taken with the cloves in order to make the taste and stench a little easier to withstand for similar relief.


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