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Get a safe and professional Abortion with no side effects Call or WhatsApp +27839497748 Associates™ offers superior private early abortion services. We are a private abortion alternative to Planned Parenthood. Specializing in early pregnancy, we have world renowned early abortion Pills that are safe and pain free, offer abortion counseling and review important abortion facts with you. We believe that an abortion is a private matter, and just like any other medical condition it is treated that way. We specialize in non-surgical abortion using quick safe abortion pills. We provide you with the best service and care of which is convenient and stress free. We terminate all unwanted pregnancies that is done same day. We understand and know that women should be able to get full clear medically correct information about having termination and the safest most affordable services she may need. Our services are SAFE, PAIN FREE, NO SIDE EFFECTS AND it's done same day. Whatever is done, its private and confidential, we use approved recommended pills, we also do deliveries for those in need all over SOUTH AFRICA and AFRICA at large.
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