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Obesity is a growing health related problem all over the world. It increases the risk of heart diseases and other disorders. Since the discovery of the fact that obese and over-weight people have high risk of these diseases, many methods have been discovered to reduce that weight. 3 day diet plans aren't new to world for the purpose of weight reduction, in fact, since 1985 many 3 day diets have been discovered.

Although the specific scientific evidence is not present to prove that a 72 hour plans reduce weight but still they are very popular among people, mainly because of the fact that an obese person tries everything to reduce his weight. Although some reduction of weight has also been reported but there is no scientific theory supporting this kind of program.


The method of these 3 day diet plans is simple. A person takes specific diet for three continuous days and after that there are four to five days of normal diet and then the specific advised diet is taken for three days again. This process is repeated again and again for many days or even months till the specific weight reduction is achieved. The regular diet should also be taken with caution and it is better to avoid high calorie diets such as fats and large amounts of carbohydrates.

With the help of certain 3 day plans, some people have achieved as much as 35 pounds of weight reduction in a month. There are several theories to explain the mechanism of weight reduction in people with the help of 3 day diet program.
According to the most acceptable one, there are certain chemicals present in these food combination's which when taken in specific amounts, increase the fat metabolism in body. In this way the excess fats present in the body are consumed and the person experiences reduction in body weight.

Whether helpful or not, 3 day diet plans are different from other fat reduction methods in the sense that it doesn't have many known side-effects in the human body. This is also a very good reason behind practice of 3 day diet plans because it doesn't need much money and has no harmful effects on the body.


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