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Published 13-11-14


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Dear Client, We appreciate your interest in our high quality Bath Salt Products , we are legitimate suppliers in USA. Our new stock of herbal incense and quality bath salts has finally arrived. We now have enough quantity in stock which we are willing to give out only at wholesale prices.

Our Minimum packs to supply is 10. Below are the available products listed.

Black Ice Glass Cleaner 500mg
Bubbles Glass Cleaner 500mg
Crystaal Bubbly 1 Gram
Monstar Glass Acrylic Cleaner 1 Gram
No Bull Powder Cleaner 1000mg
GO Stain remover 1 Gram
Bob Marley ~ Smoking Potpourri, 10g
Brainfreeze Incense 1.5g/3g
AMPED 1g Exuberance Powder
Witch Doctor Novelty Jinx Remover 1 Gram
Heavenly Soak Energy Powder 500mg
Heavenly Soak Euphoric 500mg
99 MPH - Novelty Powder 1000mg
DISCO Multipurpose Solution 1000mg
White Water Rapid Novelty Collector Item 1 Gram
Rock On Pure Energy ( Shoe Deodorizer)
Sky - Novelty Powder - 500mg
Lady Blanc Novelty Powder 500mg
Mollys Ticl Talc Novelty
Daylights - XTC Pill (VERY INTENSE)
Molly's Blend - Novelty Powder 500mg
Drone V Novelty Powder 500mg
PUMP-IT Novelty Powder 500mg
Eight Ballz - Novelty Powder 500mg
White Lightning Concentrated Glass Cleaner 500mg
White Lightning Bullet go 500 mg Glass Cleaners

White Girl Super Stain Remover Powder - 1 Gram
White Rush Bath Salts 500mg
Ivory Wave Ultra Bath Salts 500mg
Lady Bubbles Bath Salts 500mg
Cloud 9 Bath Salts - 500mg
Eight Ballz Bath Salts 500mg
Bolivian Bath Salts 500mg,
Tranquility Concentrated Bath Salts 500mg,
White Lady Bath Salts 500mg
White Horse Concentrated Bath Salt 500mg

Libigrow 15 Pills - 1 Month Supply
Zombie Matter Voodoo - 28 Grams (1 Ounce)
Cherry Cheech 1.5 G
New Wicked Spice Cannabinoid Free 5G
Zombie Matter Voodoo - 14 Grams
Mr. Nice Guy MoonMan 1.5G
K2 Green Magic 5G
Adarol Explosive Energy Pills (2 Capsules)
Role-X Watch Cleaner (2 Capsules)
Purple Haze Max - 3g
Cloud Nine Incense - 1 Gram
Kush Strawberry 2.5 Grams
Relaxinol 1G (Very Potent)
Train Wrecked 1g
Barely Legal High Octane 1g
Cloud Nine Incense - 3 Gram
WickedSpice 1.5 Grams
Triad Blue Label 1 Gram
Day Lights Stimulant
Night Lights ual Aphrodisiac
Lucky Kratom 3.5g Powder
Maeng Da Kratom T
Scooby Snax Herbal Potpourri - 10Gram
Woody's Wet-n-Wild (NEW PACK 2 PILLS)
King Kong Herbal Potpourri - 3 gram
Blue Sky Retro 1.5g

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