Junk Food Is Dreadful! Teenager Turns Deaf and Blind

Published 16-09-19


Junk Food: Food is the main source of fuel in our body. But eating right is must. In this 24×7 busy life, people are compromising with the food in some or the other way. Truly it is a wrong practice as nothing happens instantly, effects (may be positive or negative) cannot be seen immediately by our body, it is a slow process and one day it speaks at its own, depending upon the problem faced by one’s body and then one rushes to the doctor and from here one starts developing a strong relationship with the doctor and doctor is happy as you are his permanent customer and slowly starts believing doctor more than self. Easy to say one gives remote control into the hands of others. Therefore, it is always worth to take care of self from the very beginning such that never get a chance to visit a doctor by stopping the consumption of harmful food.

It will be hard to believe that harmful food is only the culprit to make us unhealthy. Some of the fast harmful food like- reserved fast food, soft drinks, ice creams, chocolate, toffees bread, junk food, jams, jellies, fried foods, preserved foods, etc. are rapidly increasing instead of consumption of natural food.

Recently, a teenager has suffered from the deaf and blind condition after living entirely on the diet of chips, sausages, and crisps.

The 17-year-old had stopped eating proper meals when he was seven years old. He is the first person in the UK to go blind and deaf with continuous eating of junk food, revealed by the mother of the boy

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