Natural Blood Pressure Lowering Remedies

Published 22-10-19


Hypertension is often called the silent killer. That is because there BP Zone Review are few obvious symptoms at the onset of the condition. If it progresses or is not treated, it will cause noticeable problems. There are signs, which precede serious complications, that can help to reduce the possibility of life-threatening illnesses or death. A family history of the disease is a risk factor to consider. Obesity, smoking, high-salt diets, and high levels of stress are other possible predictors. Some ethnic groups are generally predisposed to have high blood pressure.

More serious symptoms occur as the disease progresses. Blurred vision can signal problems with hypertension. Once ophthalmologists rule out normal eye problems, more exploration of circulatory causes should be conducted. Impaired visual ability is a very common symptom of hypertensive conditions. Increased blood flow constricts blood vessels of the eyes, resulting in white spots, blurriness, and other changes.

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