Andorra Jessymeshak
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I used all the effort I had to get my lift my arm but it was Dream Life Mastery Review impossible. The vibration became more intense, and I tried to scream for help, but nothing would come out. As I looked over toward the cell window I could see black figures shaped like humans walking around outside of the cell. They had no faces, and were no more than a black nontransparent void in space.

I did not know if they were dangerous or not. A couple of them stopped and seemed to peer through the cell door at me. They had no eyes or features, just blackness. I tried to scream to wake up the bunkmate below me but I couldn't. I felt myself hovering above my body, and I could look down at my torso and legs. I attempted to move again, focusing my entire mind on getting a leg or arm to react, nothing. I was very scared because the vibration taking place in my head seemed dangerous; it felt as if I could explode. It didn't hurt, but was so intense it brought on the feeling of fear.

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