Panchatatva ayurvedic face pack +91 8652796566

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Published 16-04-15

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Panchatatva ayurvedic face pack for 1000.- per 100 gram piece

contact nos +91 8652796566/+91 8691995753

Specialized in curing: Dark Circles, Pigmentations, Sun Burn, Acne and Medicine Reactions,Pimples, blemishes.

The face pack offered by us is remarkable in preventing signs of ageing including lines, wrinkles and dark circles. It improves skin texture by cleansing it deeply and curing pigmentation, sun burns, pimples and rashes.

We have carefully selected effective but gentle personal face care product for you which is free from harmful chemicals and provide safe and effective skin lightening and face care for your skin.

We have made every effort to ensure that it enhances your beauty and ensures best results for you

contact nos +91 8652796566/+91 8691995753

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