Penis Enlargement Pump in Pakistan

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Published 06-09-19


Penis Enlargement Pump in Pakistan
Penis Enlargement Pump is a popular pump designed to help improve performance, stamina, and endurance. Its patented design Handsome Pump in Pakistan is not only intended to help enhance sexual performance, but it Penis Enlargement Pump in Islamabad is also recommended by many satisfied customers to boost performance Vimax in Pakistan.
How does the Handsome up Pump Work?
The Penis Enlargement Pump in Pakistan uses air to help enhance your size. It consists of a bulb and cylinder connected together by a thin rubber tube. You Handsome Pump in Lahore will find that the cylinder is attached to a lubricated sleeve, place this sleeve over your penis and then gradually pump the bulb by hand. The air is pulled out of the Handsome up Pump in Karachi cylinder when the bulb is pumped, which helps Red Cialis Viagra in Pakistan to create a safe vacuum around your penis.

Increase your penis size and confidence without harm
The sleeve is made of organic silicone, soft and durable to use
Ar pressure measurement, accurately control the operation
Precise measurement, allow you witness every growth of your penis
Material: ABS, TPR
Pump Size: Length about 22cm , Diameter about 6.7cm
Package:Discreet Package
Package Contents: 1 x Cylinder, 1 x Sleeve, 1 x Barometer, 1 x Tube

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