Sciatica pain relief by a physical therapist

Published 01-08-19

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When the sciatic nerve becomes irritated, it results in intense and often chronic pain that is called sciatica. Sciatica a nerve that connects your lower body by controlling the group of muscles in the lower legs, supplying sensation to the lower leg area and the foot. So, it’s not necessary that only back pain relates to sciatica. It could go worse when your foot and legs muscles start paining which could make you dependent on someone.

At Advantage Physical Therapy in Sammamish and Redmond, WA, we serve the patients with sciatica through physical therapy along with your primary doctor’s prescription. That will help us go to the deeper level of your pain and get the roots. This is the safe and prescribed drug-free method to recover from pain for the long term. This option is non-invasive and structured to promote speedily by the natural healing process. We not only treat your symptoms but alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve.

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