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Top 10 benefits of VIP hair color and shampoo

VIP hair color shampoo has no irritation in eyes. It gives you a good fragrance and silky smooth hair.

It can be used as product like Shampoo, Hair C lour and Conditioner(3 in 1).

Can be applied with hands, no gloves are needed

You will get the results very quickly.

Vip hair color shampoo does not affect the hair and hair growth.

Similar to every other shampoo, this very easy to handle, you just have to apply on your wet hairs.

Vip hair color shampoo gives initial good results at the very beginning

VIP hair color shampoo has aromatic fragrance that makes this shampoo gives a pleasant effect .

VIP hair color shampoo makes the hair soft and manageable.

VIP hair color shampoo is suitable for all whether conditions.

How to use VIP hair color shampoo

Apply VIP hair color shampoo with your wet hands thoroughly on head, make sure that your hairs are completely oil and dust free. Apply the VIP hair color shampoo on your hair equally and massage the head properly, then wash your hands after 3 minutes. Apply it for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair with water adequately.

VIP hair color shampoo review 100%

VIP hair color shampoo is is one of the finest and leading brand becoming popular in Pakistan, as most of the people wants to know about its review. Let me tell you this product has 100% good reviews as it gives healthy nourished and smooth, manageable hair and also leaves a aromatic fragrance.

VIP hair color shampoo price In Pakistan

VIP hair color shampoo is available in Pakistan at an amazing price of 3000 PKR.

100 % guaranteed

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