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If you are in question about what are age spots and you are Advanced Telomere Support Review not sure that is what you have, visit your physician or dermatologist and he or she will tell you right off if what you have is harmless or something serious that needs immediate attention. Age spots are caused by exposure to the sun. When your skin is left unprotected the sun's rays will produce more melanin in your skin. This is what causes your skin to tan, but when more than normal melanin clumps together a brown spot is formed, instead of an even tan.

A person like myself who is fair skinned is more susceptible to these spots, because my skin naturally produces less melanin. When I am in the sun this causes my skin to produce more melanin and I end up with tons of spots. Because I am over fifty these spots have become bigger, so now I suppose I need to call them age spots, when as I use to just call them freckles.

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