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Keto Advanced this for, say, you can say two or three months, and I'd really like to see how this goes. And if you have any concerns along the way, let me know. It's really important to have a doctor that's on board with you, who are living with obesity. (upbeat music) hi this is Marlena a warm welcome from logical Scotland to all around the world in this series of Marvin and Friends I'll be sharing with you the most amazing group of people who have all the skills and expertise to make her world one of health and peace for all who live here humans and nonhumans alike my guest this week is the fun-loving and warm-hearted comrade of the soul dr. Douglas whale who delivers his work with great Qi and will have you all hooked with his charismatic energy that was completed his PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Virginia where he was awarded the president's fellowship and was a DuPont scholar he was an appointed lecturer in psychology at Stanford University and worked on the research staff at the Department of Veterans Affairs at the National

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