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Not only your blood vessels will benefit from a glass of red wine, but also Test Reload your cholesterol. In fact, the antioxidants contained in red wine, reduce the bad cholesterol while they increase the good one.A lot of studies have investigated the why and the how of these benefits. Various researchers found that the antioxidants are contained in the skin of the grapes and in its seeds. The antioxidants contained in red wine are mostly flavonoids and phenolics. There is an outstanding value of resveratrol. These antioxidants help increase HDL, in other words, the good cholesterol and lower the bad cholesterol. This is really good news.This effect helps prevent your heart from attacks.You may ask should I drink more red wine No. If you drink a glass daily, this is fine. If you are a man, you can drink a maximum of two glasses per day, for a woman one glass is just enough.More alcohol could also be dangerous for a weight gain. More alcohol could also increase triglycerides, that is another bad fat in your blood. So, stick to your one or maximum two glasses a day and you will feel fine, you will be protected against damage to your blood vessels

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