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Testo Vitality some smoothies can have a lot of calories, depending on what you put in them. So just be mindful of how you're using those liquid calories. (upbeat music) So there's actually a lot of great spots online, if you just google cooking oil-free, and most of them have to do with roasting, techniques around roasting, techniques around sauteing with vegetable broth. There are air fryers that people can use, where food can get really crispy without actually having to use oil at all. And I would say once you get into the habit

Testo Vitality eating foods without oils, most people get used to it and don't really miss it too much. And this is an important strategy, I think, if you are adopting a plant-based diet and you notice you're still consuming oils and sauces and dressings that contain oil and you're not losing weight. That's a reasonable place to look for the hidden calories. When it comes to sugars, sugars are really added ubiquitously all over the place. So again, this is, they're hidden in breads. They're hidden in sauces. They're hidden all over the place


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