Adult Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms

Published 03-04-15

Stepparent Adoption Forms

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Maybe you have a blended family and you want to unify the family by adopting the children, but the children are now adults. You may think that you can?t adopt an adult, but in reality, people do it every day and it is actually the simplest type of adoption.

An adult adoption step parent adoption forms can be completed fairly quickly in the court because you don't have to involve the adoptee's natural parents. So actually, it is legal in almost every state to adopt an adult person and have a brand new addition to the family, even if that person is 18 years of age or older. In reality, people in their 60's have adopted other adults who were in the 40's.
People typically adopt an adult because they have bonded with that person with a bond resembling a parent and child, and want their relationship legalized. The process for adopting an adult is very similar to adopting a minor step child. The process is easier, but the outcome is the same. The adult becomes the person?s legal child, a new birth certificate is issued, and the legal parent/child relationship is formed.
Can I adopt an adult in my State?
You can adopt an adult in every state except a few. The only states that have restrictions on adopting an adult person are:
-Michigan (don't allow adult adoptions)
-Nebraska (don't allow adult adoptions)
-Arizona (will only allow an adult adoption if the adoptee is between 18-21 years of age)
-Alabama (only allow adult adoptions if the adult being adopted is mentally disabled)
Every other state will allow you to adopt an adult. The guidelines and requirements for adult adoptions vary between states, so if you are considering adopting another adult, check with your local court, the Secretary of State, or call for more information.

Benefits of adopting an adult person

When you adopt another adult, the person being adopted gains the same rights as if that person was the natural child of the person adopting. Meaning that the adult adoptee will receive full inheritance rights and will be able to receive property upon the death of the parent who adopted the child.
The adopted adult can also provide perpetual care for an adult who has become ill or disabled. Through an Adult adoption step parent adoption forms process, one adult can become the responsible party and be the decision maker for the other adult.

How to adopt an adult.

The laws for adopting an adult vary from state-to-state. Some states require an agreement to be signed between the person who is adopting and the adult being adopted. This agreement is filed with the court along with the Petition for Adult Adoption. Each State has its own procedures for completing an adult adoption and require specific forms in order to complete an adult adoption. can help you complete your adult adoption, and will prepare all the proper forms that you will need to file with the court to complete the adoption of an adult.

Adult adoption

With adoption attorneys charging thousands of dollars to complete an adult adoption, it is nice to know that there is a company who has experienced adoption specialists who will prepare your adult adoption forms for you and send them to you ready to sign and file with the court, saving you thousands over the cost of an attorney. For more information on adopting an adult, go to


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