Gāndhīnagar Kriti Raj
11-04-16 5 Hits

Edge1 Outdoor Advertising Software is designed to manage and control the unique business operations of an Outdoor Advertising company. The system offers a full complement of features that address the specific needs of sales, finance, production, operations and management, and provides a comprehensive business management solution to out-of-home industry. The main function of Edge1 is to facilitate day to day operational activities like lead management, sales activities, plan generation, vendor’s and supplier’s management, site monitoring and media status, customer relationship and lead follow-ups, site performance, accounting, estimate management, operations, production and much more which helps outdoor advertising companies to have more control on every business operation. To know more about Edge1 Outdoor Media Management Softwarevisit www.edge1.in or shoot us a mail at care@edge1.in 

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