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Published 04-11-15


Location: India
11 Un Brahmachari St, Kol-700017


Moving with this thought, happy to announce Ascend Markets, a division of ASI Trade Consultancy Group offering bouquet of innovative products for the clients in the financial arena.
This was set up on 6th September 2012.This market is a unique bonding of reputed dealers & quality service provider. This was created by a team of private analysts, market makers and some of the top hedge funds. This market offers both managed & self-trading to the clients and provide up to 800% yearly on every managed account trading.
This also provide rebates on every self-trading account. We are the highest industrialized rebates provider to self-traders. This offers absolutely free trading signal services to the clients.
Steps to open a live trading account and get rebates:
select an appropriate broker
open a trading account
deposit money and start trading and get monthly rebates up to 80 % of the spread on all trades
For further details click to our link or e-mail to customer support

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