How To Adopt A Step Child Step Parent Adoption Forms

Published 03-04-15

Stepparent Adoption Forms

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How To Adopt A Step Child Step Parent Adoption Forms

A stepparent adoption is one of the simplest types of adoption, because it is the substitution of only one parent, and not the substitution of an entire set of parents and a new home. An advantage of adopting a step child is that you are not required to use an attorney for this type of has helped thousands of families successfully complete their stepparent adoptions without having to pay thousands to a local adoption attorney.

Making sure the step parent wants to adopt his or her step child.

The first step in your decision process of completing a step parent adoption is making sure that the step parent is agreeable to adopting the step child. Adopting a child is a big responsibility, and the child now becomes the legal child of the step parent, just as if the child was a natural child of the step parent.

Will the other parent sign a consent ? Do you have grounds to complete a stepparent adoption.

After you have decided that you want to do a stepparent adoption, the next step is to determine whether you have the grounds to adopt a step child. If the child?s other parent has regular contact with the child and pays child support, you will not be able complete a stepparent adoption unless you can get that parent to agree to sign a consent to the adoption. But if the other parent has abandoned the child by failing to have contact with the child, then the stepparent adopt his or her step child. There are other grounds for completing a step parent adoption, such as imprisonment, whether the child was conceived through rape, and several other grounds, but the ground for allowing a stepparent to adopt his or her step child that is most often used is abandonment. Each State has their own set of grounds for allowing an adoption without the consent of the other parent, and we can provide you with these grounds if abandonment does not apply to your situation.Once you have determined that the stepparent desires to adopt his or her step child, and you can either get the consent of the other parent, or you have grounds to complete the adoption without that parent?s consent, then the next step is starting the process.

The process of adopting your step child.

The first step to starting the process of adopting your step child is to have the legal documents for your adoption prepared. Each State has their own adoption laws, and the adoption forms for each State are specific for that Sate. There are no generic adoption forms that would be approved by any Court. The forms must meet strict guidelines for the Court and adhere to the laws of your individual State.How To Adopt A Step Child Step Parent Adoption Forms from are specific to every state and have been used successfully be families in all 50 states to unite their family through a step parent adoption.

Filing step parent adoption papers with the Court.

Once you have the proper adoption forms prepared for you, the documents will be signed and filed with the court.After the documents have been filed, the absent parent will be served, or if he is willing to sign, most States will allow him to sign an acceptance of service so he or she doesn?t have to be physically served by a sheriff or process server. If the other parent?s whereabouts are unknown, then that parent will be served by a process known as publication.

Adoption home study and background checks.

The other main steps of an adoption process include a background check and a home-study. Many States will waive the background check and the home-study in certain situations, otherwise these two items will need to be completed. The forms to complete these two steps are included in the documents that you receive from

When the adoption of your step child is finalized.

When the adoption becomes final, the Judge will order the Clerk of the Court to have issued a new birth certificate for the child, showing the stepparent on the child?s birth certificate and also showing the child?s new name.After you receive the new birth certificate, you can use it to change school and social security records.

Getting started with the process to adopt your step child.

In most cases legal services won?t be necessary when adopting a step child, although there are chances that you will need them. If adopting from another state, you have to know requirements for adoption for the state and yours before deciding the steps to follow.

Importance of a step parent adoption for the child.

Adopting your step child is an important step in your life and especially in the life of your step child. In many marriages involving a step child, the couple will have children of their own, and the step child can feel separated due to having a different name, or knowing that he or she is not fully part of the family. A stepparent adoption can provide security to the child by making the child fully a part of the family in name and legal status. For more information on adopting your step child, visit


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