Illinois Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms

Published 03-04-15

Stepparent Adoption Forms

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In Illinois when a stepparent wants to adopt a child, he/she has to do it through the ?related child adoption? process. The Illinois adoption step parent adoption forms allows a stepparent to be a legal parent to his/her spouse?s child, thereby giving the child a chance to have two legal parents who are also a married couple.
When is stepparent adoption necessary?

Stepparent adoption is necessary when the parent who has been raising the child remarries and the child?s other parent has abandoned his/her responsibilities or cannot be traced. The Illinois stepparent Adoption Law

For a stepparent adoption to be approved in Illinois, the missing parent has to consent to adoption or be found ?unfit? according to the law. The process will be very simple if the absent parent consents to the stepparent?s request to adopt the child. In such an instance you should contact a paralegal services provider such as Illinois adoption step parent adoption forms to give you the forms, where you just fill in and submit for approval. You get several benefits for choosing such an online paralegal for your Illinois adoption step parent adoption forms including avoiding legal fees, getting help when filling in, free corrections if you filled wrongly, quick service and 100% guarantee that your request will be granted.
The law seeks the other parent?s consent because stepparent adoption will terminate most of the rights the parent has over the child including visitation, child support and making decisions for the child. The stepparent assumes all roles of the natural parent when the court approves the adoption request. According to the Illinois law, if the natural parent refuses to consent the stepparent won?t be allowed to proceed with the adoption process, unless the court declares him/her ?unfit?.When can the court declare a natural parent unfit?If he/she abandoned the childFails to pay a sufficient amount for child supportPhysically or emotionally abuses the childHe/she deserted the child three months to the adoption Substantial neglectDepravityFails to provide or make good efforts to provide reasonable financial support for the upkeep of the child since birthFails to maintain reasonable degree of concern, interest or responsibility for the child?s welfare, if the child is a newborn ? for the first 30 days of his/her life


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