Indiana Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms

Published 03-04-15

Stepparent Adoption Forms

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Making it simple to complete your own Indiana Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms Blended families are becoming more common in today’s society. As blended families come together, the stepparent typically bonds with the step children and raises his or her step children as a biological child, helping with homework and relationship troubles, participating in sports or other activities, basically being a parent.

Indiana Adoption Stepparent Adoption Forms

Many couples don?t complete a stepparent adoption in Indiana because they think the process is too difficult, or they think an attorney is required and the fees are too high. In reality, an Indiana Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms can be completed fairly easily, as long as the process follows the laws as outlined in Title 31 Article 19 section 2, which are the laws in the Indiana Code which control the adoption proceedings.
In circumstances where the child?s other parent has abandoned the child, failing to have regular communication or pay support, then the stepparent can look at the option of adopting the child through a stepparent adoption. The Indiana adoption law that discusses the grounds which allows a person to adopt their step child without the consent of the natural parent are found in ? 31-19-9-8 to 31-19-9-10 of the code.
A stepparent adoption in Indiana is one of the easiest types of adoptions. If the other parent is willing to sign a consent to adoption, or if the child has been abandoned, then you can unite the family.
Family Unity through an Indiana Step parent Adoption
Many time the step child can feel separated from the family unit, especially when the new couple starts to have children of their own. Adopting the step child, when that child has been abandoned by the other parent, can make the child feel unified in the family and bring about security for the child.
Adopting a step child in Indiana can also provide the child with inheritance rights and can provide better options for health insurance. When the adoption is finalized, the child will be as if he or she was born to the parents in wedlock. A new birth certificate will show the parents and will also reflect the new name of the child.
If you want to adopt an adult you don?t have to involve his or her parents, and this makes it easier to complete. By adopting the person into your family you will create an absolutely new blend. While most of the adults adopted are adolescents, there is no age limit. There are several instances that 40 year olds have been adopted.
The main reason why people adopt adults is that they have bonded with the person, and the resulting relationship is just like that of parent-child, and the best thing to do is legalizing this relationship. The process of adopting an adult is similar to that of adopting children, only that adult adoption does not need consent of natural parents.
Legal consequences of a stepparent adoption
When the adoption is final, the child is not the full legal child of the stepparent and his or her spouse, just as if the child was born to them during their marriage. The child?s absent parent will no longer be the child?s parent, and will legally be a stranger to the child. In addition, that parent will have no legal rights or obligations in relation to the child.
If the absent parent was under a court order to pay child support, all future child support will stop, although the parent will still be responsible for any unpaid back child support.
The child?s new birth certificate will show the new parents on the birth certificate, and they will have the legal obligation to support and care for the child. In a stepparent adoption, one of the child?s biological parents remains the child?s parent, and only the stepparent is no the child?s new parent.
How to adopt your step child in Indiana
If you are looking to complete an Indiana stepparent adoption, you have an affordable option with Indiana Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms. They have help thousands of families complete their stepparent adoptions. Their experienced adoption specialists will prepare your Indiana adoption forms and send them to you ready to sign and file with the court. This set of adoption forms will include everything you need, including:
Appearance page
Petition for Adoption
Notice of Adoption
State form 9966
Indiana Adoption Medical History Report
All the required consent forms
UCCJA Affidavit
Motion and Notice of Final Hearing
Judgment Order for Adoption
Record of Adoption
As well as any special forms you may need due to special circumstances, such as an unknown father, etc.
You can join all the other families across Indiana who have successfully completed their own Indiana adoption stepparent adoption forms with the help of
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