Iowa Step Child Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms

Published 03-04-15

Stepparent Adoption Forms

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Have you developed a parental relationship with your step child and want to look into completing a stepparent adoption in Iowa? The process is easier than you might think, as long as you have the correct documents and have the help you need to follow the correct procedures with the Court. An adoption case in Iowa is handled by the Juvenile Division of the District Court, and is governed by Chapter 600 of the Iowa Code.

Can you complete a Iowa step child adoption step parent adoption forms without an attorney?
Many families don?t have the ability to pay several thousands of dollars to a local adoption attorney. Many time an adoption seems like such a foreign process, that they put off the process because it isn?t known whether an adoption can be completed without an attorney.The reality is many families in Iowa complete their own stepparent adoptions. They file the documents, they go through the procedures required by the court, and end up with a legal adoption. As long as you have the documents that will be approved by the Court, and have help with all the steps that the court will require to complete the adoption, you can adoption your stepchild on your own without an attorney.

What happens in a stepparent adoption in Iowa?

An adoption in Iowa has a few different steps. One step is terminating the parental rights of the absent parent, and then completing the actual adoption.The termination documents are filed with the court, and this step is required so that the step child is free from the custody and control of the absent parent, so that the child is free to be adopted by the step parent.After the parental rights are terminated, the adoption can be completed. All the documents required for the adoption, such as the Petition for Adoption, the required consent forms, the medical forms, and other required forms are filed with the court, a Guardian ad Litem will be assigned by the Judge to review the adoption forms. After all the prerequisites have been done for the adoption, the final hearing is set and the Judge will sign the Final Adoption Decree, declaring the child to be the legal child of the step parent. A new birth certificate will be made for the child showing the new parent and showing the child?s new name.

How to start your own adoption

Once you have decided that you want to adopt your step child, the next step is to get the legal adoption forms prepared for your adoption. has helped families across Iowa complete their own adoptions. They will prepare all your adoption forms and send them to you ready to sign and file with the District Court. They have a support department that helps guide you through the entire process.It is possible to adopt your step child in Iowa without the high cost of an adoption attorney. Iowa Step Child Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms can help.
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