Kentucky Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms

Published 03-04-15

Stepparent Adoption Forms

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An adoption of a step child is a wonderful time in a family’s life. It can mean everything to a step child, but be adopted by his or her stepparent, and feel the security and unity that happens with the adoption if finalized.
Adopting a step child in Kentucky can also be a little scary because this is something most people have never done, and probably don’t know anyone who has done it. In reality, thousands of families complete stepparent adoptions every year. Some pay thousands of dollars to a local adoption attorney, while others decide to do the adoption themselves. Doing an adoption without any assistance is probably not very wise because the process is very specific and the adoption documents for Kentucky must meet the specific laws of Kentucky.
How to adopt your step child in Kentucky.
This is why many people opting to complete their own Kentucky stepparent adoption, will use the serving of an online adoption company, who will prepare all the legal adoption documents and will help guide them through all the procedural steps necessary to complete a step parent adoption in Kentucky.
A Kentucky adoption step parent adoption forms is actually a fairly straight-forward process. The adoption forms are signed and filed with the court to get the adoption process started. If the absent parent, which is typically the child?s father, is willing to sign a consent to adoption, then that parent can sign the consent, letting the court know that all parties are in agreement with the adoption.
If the absent parent will not sign because that parent is deceased, or their whereabouts are unknown, then the Kentucky adoption laws will allow the adoption to be completed without the consent of the other parent, as long as the laws, such as code 625.090(a) or 325.090(1)(b) apply to your situation, basically stating that the child has been abandoned by the other parent.
After some additional procedural actions have been completed, the court can set the final hearing date to finalize the adoption.
Getting started with adopting your step child.
The first step in determining whether you can move forward with a stepparent adoption, is to review the relationship between the child and the other parent. If the child?s other parent pays child support and maintains an active role in the child?s life, then you will not be able to do a stepparent adoption. However, if the other parent has abandoned the child, then you can proceed with the adoption even if the other parent will not sign a consent.
A Kentucky adoption step parent adoption forms is an online company who has been helping families in Kentucky for years. They help families successfully complete their own stepparent adoption in Kentucky, and save thousands over the cost of an attorney. They will prepare all the legal forms you will need to complete your adoption, and they help assist you with all the procedural steps necessary to complete the adoption with the court. An online adoption service like Kentucky adoption step parent adoption forms is a great alternative for those who can?t afford, or simply don?t want to pay, thousands to an adoption attorney.


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