Louisiana Step Child Adoption Step Parent Adoption Forms

Published 03-04-15


Louisiana step child adoption step parent adoption form is the most common form of adoption in Louisiana. An Intra family adoption in Louisiana will allow you to unify your family by allowing the stepparent to adopt his or her step child. The adoption is started by filing a ?Petition for Intra family Adoption? with the District Court in the Parish where you presently reside.

Completing a stepparent adoption in Louisiana can be the greatest gift you can bestow on your child. Many step children of a marriage tend to feel separated from the family unit, as many times they have a different last name. As the new married couple start to have children of their own, this tends to only add to the insecurity that the child may feel.

The process for adopting your stepchild in Louisiana is simple, as long as you have the correct legal adoption forms and have help understanding each step of the adoption process. There are many requirements which must be provided to the court before the Judge will approve and finalize the adoption case. There are really two options to completing an intrafamily adoption in Louisiana. You can hire an adoption attorney, or you can use the help of an online adoption company who helps you complete your adoption on your own. In both scenarios, you adoption will become final, but you will pay thousands to an attorney, and only hundreds to an online adoption company.
Why adopt a stepchild?
Adopting a stepchild in Louisiana is a very simple process that will have a positive impact on family unity. The adoptee will get several benefits including:
-A new name
-A new birth certificate
-The ability to inherit from the adoptive parent
-Two active legal parents
Before being allowed to adopt you will need the consent of the child?s natural parents. While getting the consent of the child?s parent who is your spouse is easy, the absent parent may oppose the move. If the he or she has been playing his or her parental roles including child support, and opposes the adoption then the court may not grant you permission to adopt. If the parent has neglected his or her parental roles and there is adequate proof, the adoption may continue without his or her consent.
Can a stepparent adoption in Louisiana be completed if the absent parent doesn?t sign a consent?
The stepparent adoption in Louisiana can be completed without the consent of the child?s absent parent, pursuant to Article 1193, as long the absent parent has:
-refused or failed to comply with a court order for support without just cause for a period of at least six month, and/or
-refused or failed to visit, communicate, or attempt to communicate with the child without just cause for a period of at least six months.
It is always recommended that you obtain the written consent of the absent parent by having that person sign an ?Authentic Act of Consent to Adoption?, but if that person?s whereabouts are unknown, or simply refuses to sign, if you meet the requirements outlined above, you can complete the adoption without the other parent?s written consent.

How to adopt your stepchild in Louisiana.

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