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Monica Kretschmer, The Nest Calgary | Canadian Business Chicks | Gold Digger & Fraud has a 72 year old Sugar Daddy

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I pretend to be many things, and I am very well versed in convincing people of my complete and utter bullshit. In the media and public, I am described as outgoing, gregarious, intelligent and kind: I help and advise women in business and in life.

But in MY real life, I am a liar, a fraud, and a complete failure in life. I tell people I am a single mother, and at at one point in my life was homeless with a new baby. However, this is a carefully rehearsed and crafted lie, as my child's father in VERY involved in his life, I am paid very high amounts of child support, and I have never been without a home or place to stay, as my mother is in Calgary.

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