Wellington Capital Group Tokyo

Published 11-01-19


Location: Japan
Atago East Building 3-16-11, Nishishinbashi, 12th Floor Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan
+81-3-4578 0348


Wellington Capital Group provides comprehensive wealth management for clients seeking exceptional service and returns. Our investment guidance is individually tailored to private clients from around the globe, within the framework of their unique balance of risk/reward parameters. Our corporate culture encourages collaboration, independent thought and lively debate, which when matched with our exclusive proprietary research, allows us to generate superior long term returns for our valued clientele.

Regardless of your income bracket, wealth status or where you are in your career, Wellington Capital Group provides comprehensive wealth management and investment guidance. Whether you are starting out in your career, in a dynamic executive position or the recipient of a buy-out or retirement package, our time-tested investment principals ensure you attain all of your financial goals.

There are three fundamental elements that ensure Wellington Capital Group clients’ success:

Your needs come first, before any product decisions.
The wide range of experience, education and contacts of your Wellington Capital Group team.
Maintaining a long-term focus so you can enjoy your life now and feel secure about your future.

Our entire focus as a company is providing exceptional returns, building long-term relationships and protecting our clients’ assets and privacy with thorough risk management and security. Since we are employee owned and work only with private client wealth management, we are free from the conflicts of interest that often underlie the investment guidance provided by many bank owned firms and those that operate institutionally. Client satisfaction is our bottom line.

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