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Apply the chocolate keratin treatment from the scalp to the tips. As a recommendation, you can leave half a centimeter and start applying from that part. When you have covered all the hair you will have to use the hair dryer. In the end, you only pass the heat iron 4 to 5 times to fix the keratin. Another advantage is that it is a treatment of no more than two hours . I summarize it so you can see it easier girls 🤗: Wash the hair Remove excess moisture Detangle hair Apply the chocolate keratin treatment from the leather to the tips Dry the hair with the dryer Fix the product using the plates Wash the hair Stratti Chocolate - Smooth Effect Keratin Charge - 150 ml 11 Opinions Stratti Chocolate - Smooth Effect Keratin Charge - 150 ml Indication: hair, damaged, dry, dull and frizzy This product does not contain salt (Sodium Chloride) Action: easy, fast and effective treatment to replace the keratin and nutrients lost from the hair, protect from heat and provide a nice and lasting smooth effect Result: more hydrated hair, smooth for longer, shiny and protected See Price Girls! We have written a more extensive article on the treatment of chocolate keratin . Brazilian Keratin Straightening 💗 It is a keratin hair treatment, which is responsible for restoring health to damaged hair , reducing volume, reducing and eliminating frizz, curl and making it more silky, shiny and soft. It is a known keratin straightening with different names, keralissa , kativa straightening keratin , Brazilian straightening kativa , etc. This type of keratin kativa has a duration of approximately 90 days, this depending on the care and condition of the hair. As well as the quality of the treatment of keratin kativa , washing and maintenance. Keratina Kativa - Brazilian Smoothing Quality 332 reviews Keratina Kativa - Brazilian Smoothing Quality Kativa Brazilian Straightening Kit - Pre-Treatment 15ml + Smoothing Mask 150ml + Shampoo Post 30ml. Spectacular home-made smooth, brings shine and softness. The innovative formula based on its component Glyoxylic and Keratin Begetal, without formaldehyde, perfectly smooths the hair up to 10 weeks without damaging its structure. Vegetable keratin, made up of wheat and soy amino acids, helps to moisturize, protect, shine and softness the hair leaving it with natural movement.

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