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Synonym: hydrogenation testosterone; dihydrotestosterone;
CAS No: 521-18-6
Chemical Formula: C19H30O2
Chemical weight: 290.44
EINECS: 208-307-3
Purity: >99%
Description: white crystalline powder
Melting Point: 178-183°C
Boiling Point: 372.52°C
Usage: Its main function is to promote metabolism. Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation.


Stanolone is DHT. it to be better than and not as problematic as many might guess, at least at moderate doses. I'd consider it as part of stack, for example as an added 100-200 mg/week, rather than being the base or the sole steroid used. There's been at least one medical study on use by injection, which went well.The oral bioavailability is very low. The propionate powder may be available.

DHT really does only one thing that other anabolic steroids that strongly bind the androgen receptor don't do, and that is convert to 5a-androstanediol, which itself has some adverse effect on the scalp but doesn't appear to be thought a really major player in hair loss. Still, I don't know what might happen with really high doses of DHT. There really seems no reason to do it. But for example, adding it at 100-200 mg/week, by injection, for reason of getting positive effect on the nervous system would be an interesting thing to do, and I think entirely reasonable. Oral use, I would not bother with, but if doing it, would expect to have to work up to say 200-300 mg two or three times per day, which might get expensive fast.

Dihydrotestosterone (commonly abbreviated to DHT), or 5α-dihydrotestosterone (5α-DHT), also known as androstanolone (5α-androstan-17β-ol-3-one) as well as 17β-hydroxy-5α-androstan-3-one, is a sex steroid and androgen hormone. The enzyme 5α-reductase synthesizes DHT in the prostate, testes, hair follicles, and adrenal glands. This enzyme reduces the 4,5 double-bond of the hormone testosterone.

Androstanolone is chemically identical to DHT. DHT is mainly formed in the testes, the hair follicles, the adrenal glands and the prostate gland and is produced when testosterone interacts with an enzyme in the body. In the womb, DHT stimulates the development of male characteristics of the male embryo and fetus. During puberty, it is involved in developing other male characteristics such as body and facial hair and the deepening of the voice. Later in life, the level of DHT is usually much lower, and its presence can cause problems.


Stanolone is use for chronic wasting disease, osteoporosis, severe infection and trauma, burn, etc caused by the negative nitrogen balance, promote the growth of premature infants and immature, etc. The fracture is not easy to heal. Hypercholesterolemia and postpartum depression can also be used.

Androstanolone is identical to the body's own dihydrotestosterone which, as we know, is formed by the peripheral conversion of testosterone. Some therefore call Androstanolone a synthetic dihydrotestosterone. Androstanolone has a predominantly androgenic effect and, due to its structure, cannot be converted into estrogen. For a fast buildup of power and muscle mass Androstanolone is of little value. Androstanolone used to be the athlete's favorite competition steroid since it helped to obtain a harder muscle through a lower fat content by increasing the androgen level without aromatizing. Numerous athletes used Androstanolone during workouts for doping tested championships since the substance remains in the body for only a short time and the testosterone/epitestosterone value is not influenced. Another positive characteristic is that the injectable version is not liver toxic.

Today, however, Androstanolone is rarely used by athletes. One reason for this is that almost all European and American compounds are no longer commercially available. The other reason is that most athletes use the still readily available Masteron which has similar effects. Neither the original nor a fake of Androstanolone is available on the black market.

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