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Muscle Building Raw Steroid Powder Methandrostenolone/Dianabol CAS 72-63-9 

Suggest Oral Dianabol dose 30mg/day for six weeks for the first cycle,40mg/day is also good,Quite a lot of water but good strength and mass.Inject Dianabol is not suggest for the 1st cycle.

Methandienone (Dianabol) Methandrostenolone Dianabol methandienone bodybuilding powder Alias:D-bol,Dianabol,Methandrostenolone Synonyms:1-Dehydro-17a-methyltestosterone CAS NO.:72-63-9 Einecs No.:200-787-2 Molecular Formula:C20H28O2 Molecular Weight:300.43512 Purity:99% Appearance:White crystalline powder Grade:Pharmaceutical grade Usage: pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin. As a male hormone and anabolic hormones. For chronic wasting disease, stunted children, osteoporosis, hyperlipidemia. Applications: With regards to weight gains Dianabol is a champion at making the scales go up and almost nothing can do that faster than this compound. Because of this it is an ideal Steroid to take at the start of a Steroid cycle, what is known as a 'kick-start' and for this reason it is best used, and almost always used, in conjunction with injectable Steroids. Dianabol can also be used alone. Many treat such usage with disdain, but in times past many excellent physiques were built with Dianabol as the sole performance-enhancing drug, and even today a few get good benefit from Dbol used alone. However, in my opinion it is only high responders who do well with this compound used alone, rather than this being a typical result. Adverse side effects of Dianabol include conversion to estradiol, suppression of natural testosterone production, and liver toxicity. Additionally, all other side effects common to anabolic steroids are possible, such as increased blood pressure, increased hematocrit, possible adverse effect on scalp and skin, and worsened blood lipid profile. In general however Dianabol usage is favorably experienced. 

You deserve a better body and healthier life! and that's it,we can do help! Skype:live:kathelin_4 WhataApp:+86-188 7222 0706 MOQ:10g Package:Disguised & Discreet pkg Payment:T/T,Western Union,Moneygram,bitcoin Delivery: sent out the goods within 24hours after receiving payment. Custom Pass rate:99% Resend policy is available if you don't receive the goods or any quality problems been found.

We specialized in hormone steroid powders, Steroids injectable liquids, our company integrates R&D, producing, operating and marketing into an organic whole. We have authority of export and import, and have experience of export for 15 years.  Major Market: United_States, United_Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Israel, Netherlands, Germany, Puerto_Rico, Uzbekistan, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and so on. After-sale Service : Discounts are available for our second-time customers. We can provide recipes and professional suggestions to promote yourselves. Tracking number and packing photoes can be given quickly after your goods sent. We are always here waiting for you! Our main products in stock:  Peptides  Anabolic Steroid Powders  Male enhancement powder  Solvents for Steroids: BA, BB, GSO, Guaiacol, EO, PEG etc.  Tools & Devices: Filter,Crimper,Vials, #5 printed caps ect.  Pain Killer Powders  Nootropic Agent(Smart Drugs)  Antidepressant  SARM Series  Fat Loss

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